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Thank you for checking out My Heartfelt Radio. My name is Darmaries Gonzalez, CEO of My Heartfelt Radio.
Damaries Gonzalez - CEO
Where Music Makes The Heart Feel Good


It is my honor to have created a radio station for listeners like you. I started to feel like this radio station was needed to open the heart whenever. Whether sad, happy or even angry, an outlet is always good. I had decided to create My Heartfelt Radio after a heartbreak that I went through that really changed my life forever. It was a challenging mutual decision that had to be made due to complex dynamics & sacrifices that the heart had to take. There was so much I learned and I am so grateful for today. He taught me things and actually inspired me to create a radio station and that became my motivation. Sometimes in life taking chances will have its rewards and whether we see them or not they are blessings behind them. So it is my honor to welcome you to our radio station; My Heartfelt Radio – Where Music Makes The Heart Feel Good!

My Heartfelt Radio